Java - the mess that Sun made

15 July 2005

While installing the [tomcat5]( RPM from [jpackage](, it once again hit me what a shoddy job Sun is doing in the open source world. If you listen to Sun's executives long enough, you might think they invented open source software, and have been driving it ever since. But when you get into actually using Sun's technology, you are lost in a quagmire of dangerous licenses. For Tomcat, the fall from grace comes with its dependency on JTA (Java Transaction API), for which you need to download a completely proprietary implementation. How, Mr. Schwartz does that mesh with all the claims of being model open-source citizens ?

Sure, some blame belongs to the Tomcat developers for depending on JTA in the first place. But since Tomcat is the servlet container reference implementation, their hands were once again tied by Sun's requirements on what a servlet container has to provide. A mess

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