Rails 2 headed for Fedora

22 December 2007

At long last, Ruby on Rails 2 is part of Fedora. Packages are already in rawhide and will show up in the testing repos for F-7 and F-8 really soon now. The package is called rubygem-rails, as it’s based on the rubygems for Rails.

For those few who installed the rubygem-rails-1.2.6 package either from my yum repo or a updates-testing repo, you need to first get rid of rubygem-actionwebservice. Running yum erase rubygem-actionwebservice before yum install rubygem-rails will suffice. There’s no smoother update path, but since rails-1.2.6 was only ever in updates-testing, I didn’t bother finding a better fix for the switch from actionwebservice to activeresource with Rails 2.

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