Parsing inifiles the easy way

13 August 2008

Raphael has been doing a lot of work to make processing of INI-style files in Augeas easy and painless. It’s now at the point that you can describe /etc/php.ini in a few lines:

module PHP =
  autoload xfm

let entry  = IniFile.entry /[a-z][a-z0-9\._-]+/
let record = IniFile.record "section" entry
let lns    = IniFile.lns record

let filter = (incl "/etc/php*/*/php.ini")
             . Util.stdexcl

let xfm = transform lns filter

That’s all you need to have Augeas suck PHP ini files into its tree — turning on safe mode requires exactly two commands in augtool:

  set /files/etc/php.ini/PHP/safe_mode On

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