Deltacloud Core goes to the Incubator

08 July 2010

We’ve been working on it for a while, but today, I finally managed to import the existing code for Deltacloud Core into Apache’s subversion repository. From now on, development of the Deltacloud API will happen within the Apache Incubator. The main reason for this move is that we’ve heard from several people that they really liked the idea of Deltacloud, and the concept of a true open source cloud API, but didn’t like it as a Red Hat project. Apache Incubator is a well-established place for parties with different interests to collaborate on a specific code base, so it seemed the logical place to address these concerns. We’ve also had great success with putting qpid into the Incubator.

The process was a little longer than I would have liked, but there were several administrativa to handle, plus interrupts from vacations and conferences.

But it’s all done now, except for the project page at Apache. Importing the code into subversion proved a little more difficult than I would have liked, but I was very keen on preserving the history of the existing git repository. The two big issues were that the git repo contained several copies of rails that had been committed and later, when we switched to Sinatra, deleted; the master branch also contained a good number of merge commits. The first issue, uploading megabytes of useless history from committing and deleting rails, was easily addressed with git filter-branch. The second was a little hairier, but thanks to the quite incredible possibility of grafting one repository on top of another and this excellent tutorial it went quite smoothly; if you can call resolving lots of merge failures manually smooth.

From now on, all Deltacloud API work will be done in the subversion repository. We’re still waiting for the official readonly git mirror to be set up — for now, you will have to make do with git svn. If you have an existing git checkout, you will unfortunately have to throw that away, and check out from scratch:

mkdir deltacloud
cd deltacloud
git svn init -s
git svn fetch
# Remove some bloat from the repo
git gc --aggressive

Mailing lists will also change for Deltacloud Core — we’re moving to the lists hosted at Apache, in particular, to Apache lists are managed by ezmlm, so send email to to subscribe to the list.

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