Webzero and Postgres

20 August 2010

I learned two things yesterday browsing the web idly: Webzero as a name for the minimalist style of the new web applications we are seeing, that so far I’ve just been referring to as “a new Rails app with great UX”: light, easy on the eyes, easy to use, without functionality added by a committe (or the demands of growth long after the software fulfills the needs of 80% of its users)

The other thing: strings, technically varchar columns, in PostgreSQL and in MariaDB only take up storage depending on their length, not the declared maximum size of the column. Having grown up on crufty Oracle databases, I was used to choosing the length of string columns very carefully. Not necessary anymore.

The latter has a teeny tiny Webzero implication: it’s not necessary to annoy the user anymore because you thought 30 characters ought to be enough for anybody’s email, when your user deals with john.jacob.jingleheimer@alltheschmidts.com every day.

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