Aeolus and Deltacloud

17 January 2011

The initial Deltacloud project consisted of two components: the RESTful API and an inter-cloud broker, a web application. When we submitted the API part of the project to Apache, also under the name Deltacloud, it was clear that we’d have to find a new name and home for the cloud broker. The source repos had always been separate, the mailing lists were separated upon the acceptance of Deltacloud into the Apache Incubator, but separating the web site proved to be more work (that we repeatedly put off).

Not any longer. Thanks to the work of Chris Lalancette and others, the two projects now also have separate web sites: the cloud broker is now called Aeolus, and can be found at The Deltacloud web site that had been available through Apache for a while now, is also available at (via a redirect).

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