Deltacloud 0.4.0 released

14 September 2011

We just released Apache Deltacloud 0.4.0, part of the Apache Incubator. The release contains a huge number of enhancements and additions. The full list can be found in the release announcement, but some of them bear highlighting separately.

The biggest new feature is probably a driver for VMWare’s vSphere. This makes it possible to turn any vSphere 4.0 installation into a simple cloud. To use the driver against a vSphere API at, start the Deltacloud server with deltacloudd -i vsphere -t 200

Besides the basics of image and instance management, the driver supports a few nifty features, in particular injection of user data.

A second new driver adds support for ‘condor-cloud’, a simple cloud implementation that uses the Condor grid manager as its backend. While it’s probably not enough to replicate EC2, it is certainly good enough to build a simple cloud out of a few machines, Condor, Deltacloud, and a few glue scripts.

We (well, Marios) added support for firewalls to the Deltacloud API. Since not all clouds offer firewalling, this is currently only supported for EC2 and Eucalyptus, via their security groups. The model that the API exposes though represents a fairly generic firewall with rules and sets of rules. We will expand that to other drivers in future releases.

We (well, Michal) reworked the entire HTML UI using jquery-mobile — if you want to explore the Deltacloud API from your smartphone or tablet, that just got a whole lot easier. I find the result a much cleaner UI; since the Deltacloud HTML interface follows the API very closely, as it is meant as a tool to test and explore the API, pages have always been fairly sparse, something that the mobile interface makes less annoying.

For more details, read the release announcement or download the release

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