Public Deltacloud Instances

13 October 2011

Installing Deltacloud is work. Not a lot of work, in fact it is very easy, but it still involves installing a package/gem and starting a server. For simple development and test uses, even that is not necessary any more.

There’s two of them: one, runs the latest stable release, currently release 0.4.1. The other,, runs the bleeding edge code from the git repo.

Both use the same self-signed SSL certificate. Its SHA-1 fingerprint is D3:3D:13:73:37:88:59:F1:FE:08:51:70:A0:BA:60:99:F1:E9:DD:45.

If you’ve been scratching your head, wondering what all this Deltacloud business is about, just head over to one of these two servers and explore the API. There’s a friendly HTML interface for just that, or, of course, the obligatory XML and JSON, variants. The public servers run the EC2 driver as their default; when prompted for a username and password, just enter your Amazon AWS access key ID and secret.

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