David Lutterkort

Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
email:lutter at watzmann dot net


Experienced open source developer and technical lead. Broad background in systems management, RESTful services, and cloud architecture. Excited about solving hard technical problems and guiding others to do the same.

Work Experience

Since Oct. 2010
Red Hat Inc., Cloud Engineering. Contribute to the DMTF's Cloud Management Working Group. Tech lead for the implementation of CIMI in Deltacloud, the standard that group has defined, and collaborate with a variety of other industry players on the standard and its implementation in Deltacloud. Represent Red Hat on the board of the DMTF. (since Apr. 2011)
Since Feb. 2010
Red Hat Inc., Cloud Engineering. Chair of Apache Deltacloud, a project to build cross-cloud RESTful API's. Lead and guide the work of both Red Hat's developers on Deltacloud as well as that of the overall community.
Sep. 2005 - Jan 2010
Red Hat Inc., Emerging Technologies. Work on a variety of systems management tools: contribute to Puppet, and virt-inst (appliance metadata format).
Started cft, and Augeas. Talks at various conferences on virtual appliances and on configuration management. Wrote Ruby packaging guidelines for Fedora and packaged and maintained various Ruby applications, including Ruby on Rails. Wrote gem2rpm to facilitate packaging of Ruby gems as RPM's.
Started netcf, a tool and library for managing network configuration, used by libvirt.
Mar. 2005 - Sep. 2005
Red Hat Inc., senior engineer in the Red Hat Network engineering group, extending and rewriting a Perl-based web application in Java.
Apr. 2004 - Feb. 2005
Red Hat Inc., consulting work at a large New York Investment Bank, architecting and developing an interactive risk monitoring system. The system computes Value-at-Risk and related risk metrics; it is based on standard J2EE technologies, and uses a large (>4GB) in-memory cache. Architected a redundancy and distribution solution based on RMI for this cache, among other things.
Feb. 2004 - Mar. 2004
Red Hat Inc., consulting work at a large Swiss Investment Bank, advising and supporting C++ development team on deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux, how to move development environment from Solaris to Linux, and on open source development tools (autotools, rpm, oprofile, etc.)
Feb. 2002 - Jan. 2004
Red Hat Inc., since their acquisition of Arsdigita. Continued work on WCMS project for large German company as technical lead/principal architect. Principal Consultant on the architecture of solutions based on Red Hat's Enterprise Applications (RHEA), both in support of sales efforts and for client projects based on RHEA. Work with RHEA Engineering group to enhance product with features developed in the field.
Oct. 2002 - Feb. 2002
Arsdigita Inc.. Technical lead and principal architect on the WCMS (web-based content management system) project for the corporate intranet of a large German company (~ 250,000 employees), coordinating and guiding the work of a team of 9 developers.
Jul. 2000 - Oct. 2002
Arsdigita Inc.. Designing and implementing applications for collaborative online communities. Project Lead for the Arsdigita Content Management System, leading a team of 3-6 software engineers in designing and implementing ArsDigita's CMS in Java. Support sales force in selling CMS projects.
Jan. 2000 - June 2000
Postdoc at the University of Florida. Continued work based on my dissertation. Implementation of subdivision surfaces using CGAL in C++.
Feb. 1996 - Aug. 1996
Proglas Engineering, Forst, Germany. Designed and implemented software to aid designers in creating patterns to be milled on glasses. The main development is a drawing program for patterns, integrated in the Proglas design system CrystalCAD.
Apr. 1995 - Oct. 1995
Free contractor for Proglas Engineering The software that was part of my Diplom-thesis was developed during that time.
Jan. 1991 - Aug. 1992
Research Assistant, Universität Karlsruhe
Developed software for the visualization of Lindenmayer Systems, a certain type of fractals.


Aug. 1996 - Dec. 1999
Ph.D. in Computer Science, Purdue University. GPA: 4.0/4.0
Thesis: Envelopes of Nonlinear Geometry
Advisor: Jörg Peters.
Jan. 1994 - Jan. 1996
Oct. 1990 - Aug. 1992
Diplom-Informatiker, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany.
Aug. 1992 - Dec. 1993
M.S. in Mathematics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. GPA: 3.9/4.0

Teaching Experience

Spring 1997
Nonlinear Numerical Methods (Purdue)
Fall 1996
CS 435, Introduction to Computer Graphics (Purdue), lecturing and lab instruction
Spring 1995
Introduction to Computer Science IV (U Karlsruhe, Germany), weekly recitation sections and labs.
Designed semester-long lab project: Implementing simple Lindenmayer systems and a turtle interpreter in Sather-K
Fall 1994
Computability and Formal Languages (U Karlsruhe, Germany), weekly recitation sections
Fall 1993
Linear Algebra and Probability (UMass, Amherst), weekly recitation sections

Selected Presentations


Awards and Honors


Technologies RESTful API's, Ruby on Rails, databases, Unix systems programming, compilers, systems management
Programming Languages Ruby, C, Javascript, Java, Python, Scheme, OCaml

Foreign Languages

Fluent in German (native language) and English.
Basic knowledge of French.