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18. Broadcasting Media

18.1 German TV and Radio homepages

Radio in Germany is predominantly FM radio, hardly ever AM. An index of German language radio stations broadcasting on the internet can be found here. Most stations have their own webpages by now:

Current TV Programming (Videotext, etc.) TV Today and TV Movie provide an overview over current programs.

18.2 Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle produces programs geared to viewers and listeners abroad. They broadcast worldwide in a variety of languages, both TV and shortwave radio. This service is there not so much for Germans in Germany, but for those people abroad (not only Germans) who would like to keep in touch with Germany. Shortwave fans can get up-to-date frequencies for the German programs. There is also an email list that provides this information. See this page for instructions.

Radio Deutsche Welle gladly sends out a monthly magazine with times/frequencies and stories on broadcasts. If you would like to subscribe (for free) contact them at:

Deutsche Welle

Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, 50588 Köln, Germany, tel +49(221)389-0 fax 49-221-389-4155

Deutsche Welle

Studio Washington P.O.B. 50641 Washington, DC 20091-0641 USA tel +1(202)393-7427 fax +1(202)393-7434 1995-12

Deutsche Welle

190 000 Sankt Petersburg Glawpotschtamt Abonentnyj jaschtschik 596 Nemezkaja Wolna Russia

Satellite TV

Deutsche Welle Nachrichten, News from Germany (not only about Germany). DW-TV Berlin is on-line; their email address is online@dwelle.de and they also provide their WWW server. 1998-03

The whole Deutsche Welle Program is available as Audio-on-Demand (as well as the entire program live. You can go to www.dwelle.de/dpradio/ 1998-04

In North America, there are three major rebroadcaster of DW-tv:

IC (International Channel)

a commericial service from Los Angeles which emphasizes Asian programming. It broadcasts one hour of DW-tv on weekdays 15:00 Eastern, 14:00 Central, 12:00 noon Pacific.

ME/U (Mind-Extension University)

a Denver-based educational network broadcasts on cable at 5:00PM ET, three blocks of 30 minutes: German-English-Spanish. Ask you cable-provider!

SCOLA (Satellite Communications for Learning Association)

SCOLA devotes a greater portion of its schedule to DW-tv than the other two rebroadcasters. Affiliated with Creighton University, has monthly schedules for all the DW-tv, ORF and SBC programs it broadcasts on each of its channels: http://www.scola.org 1998-04


(Shortwave) Radio

Usually Radio Deutsche Welle comes in loud and clear.

All times are UTC. 1994-2

18.3 Regional German Radio Stations via Shortwave

Here are shortwave frequencies for some of Germany's regional programs. The stations are nationally operated and mostly serve one of the federal states.

SWF 3 (Südwestfunk)

7265 kHz. Serves Rheinland-Pfalz and parts of Baden- Württemberg.

Südwestfunk, Postfach 820, 76485 Baden-Baden

Sender Freies Berlin & Radio Bremen

6190 kHz

Radio Bremen, Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 13, 28211 Bremen

Sender Freies Berlin, Masurenallee 8-14, 14057 Berlin

RIAS Berlin (100 kW)

6005 kHz

RIAS has gone together with Deutschlandfunk to become Deutschland-Radio. There are two stations now; the one that used to be RIAS has become DS-Kultur 1994-9

Deutschland-Radio, Hans-Rosenthal-Platz, 10825 Berlin, tel +49(30)85030

Süddeutscher Rundfunk

6030 kHz. Serves Baden-Württemberg (20 kW)

Süddeutscher Rundfunk, Neckarstr. 230, 70190 Stuttgart

Bayerischer Rundfunk (100 kW)

6085 kHz

Bayerischer Rundfunk, Rundfunkplatz 1, 80335 München

Consult the World Radio and TV Handbook for a complete listing of all shortwave stations. The book is updated annually and can be found in many libraries.

18.4 TV via Satellite


EUTELSAT II-F1 (13 deg. East) Transponder 27, 11,163 GHz, vert. pol, 15-05 UTC, PAL., sound: 6.65 MHz

This is a low power satellite; Deutsche Welle broadcasts not for Germans in Germany and so it broadcasts not on the hot bird ASTRA satellite (see below)

German TV in Europe / ASTRA

There is a hot bird ASTRA TV satellite with nearly all German TV programs (public or commercial) but not with Deutsche Welle on it. An equipment to get all these German TV programs is much cheaper in many areas than an equipment to get Deutsche Welle. For most of Europe a 70cm dish will be sufficient. With a 200cm dish you should expect good reception from Northern Africa to Spitzbergen. A second hot bird is planned to be launched in 1996. Ask local Germans or your satellite dish dealer for ASTRA service. 1994-2

North/South America

INTELSAT-K (21.4 deg. West), Transponder H7, 11,605 GHz, North America: hor. pol., South America: vert. pol., Min. Dish Diameter: 1.3m or 4ft

Deutsche Welle TV:

16-06 UTC, NTSC-M Sound: 6.8 MHz

Deutsche Welle radio:

German Program (stereo): a: 7.38/7.56 Mhz Foreign Language Programs: b: 7.74 Mhz

North America, Caribbean Sea

SATCOM C-4 (135 deg. West) Transponder 5V, 3,8 GHz, pol. vert.,

Deutsche Welle TV

16-06 UTC, NTSC-M Sound: 6.8 MHz

Deutsche Welle radio

German Program (stereo): a: 7.38/7.56 Mhz Foreign Language Programs: b: 7.74 Mhz

A two and a half hour TV program (English and German) is broadcast between 20:00 and 22:30 UTC via the following satellites:



Europlus an inexpensive satellite reception system designed to receive live European broadcasting. That broadcasting is mainly German and Italian but in the next two years, it is expected to carry several other languages, as well.

Programming is available as video, radio and teletext to all areas of the United States (East of the Mississippi), Central and South America by the use of spot beams.

The German programming currently consists of Deutsche Welle, ZDF and 3SAT. There are also numerous radio broadcasts and the news teletext is a 24 hour service. The Italian programming consists mainly of RAI (radio & TV) and SWF3. All functions of the system such as changing channels, changing languages, audio, video, radio, teletext, volume and text control are handily accomplished with a 6 button remote control for simplicity. There are currently no subscription charges and none are anticipated for at least a year, when they are expected to run @ US$10 per month or US$100 per year, per language received. The costs of buying the hardware run around US$900.

Good Shephard Marketing, a division of: Atlanta Antenna, Inc., PO Box 76247, Atlanta, GA 30328 Cliff Shephard, Compuserve 73667.1502, fax +1(404)843-1465 1994-10

18.5 Swiss Radio; Radio Austria (Shortwave)

For Information about Switzerland you might want to listen to Schweizer Radio International: Swiss Radio International, PO Box CH-3000, Bern 15, Switzerland

For Austria: Radio Austria, A-1136, Vienna, Austria

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